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Who we are

Konsulta was founded in 2001 by Fulvia Borriello and Massimo Meazza, who each brought 20 years' experience as media and marketing specialists with prestigious multinational companies to the venture. The new company quickly consolidated its position in high-growth sectors like pharma, energy and food & beverages.

“We are one of the most dynamic and flexible firms in today's media sector. Our creative flair is underpinned by the ability to plot a project across every stage of its deployment. First step is to define objectives. That's definitely the most delicate part. Because it often happens that clients don't have a clear perception of their real needs. Their judgment can be swayed by passing fashion, or the need to emulate their rivals. They may request services they don't really need, or underestimate factors that on closer analysis reveal themselves to be strategically vital.”

Massimo Meazza

Small businesses deserve the same treatment as multinationals.
It's this conviction - still not a commonplace in the media world - that drives Konsulta. We choose to be an agency that mobilizes all the experience, professionalism and skill it takes to work with a major company. But flexibility and astuteness also count, together with the ability to devise comprehensive solutions - with method and style - which don't require seven-figure budgets to realize. This is the real challenge: bringing to SMEs the consulting, marketing and media services that were previously restricted to larger companies. Helping small companies to think big.

“The challenges faced by today's businesses mean they need specialist media services to determine the ideal positioning for their products or define the best marketing strategy. Our creative approach and experience in identifying market trends help us build the most effective solutions for optimizing return on investment. Combining ideas and creativity, getting the right proportion of words and images - it's more than a job, it's a passion. It helps us make small things big”.

Fulvia Borriello

Konsulta works in close partnership with its clients, getting to know their history and products in an attempt to understand what makes them tick and to devise the communication strategy best suited to their objectives and the distinctive values and character of their brand.
To ensure maximum versatility in projects of different natures and dimensions, we initially mobilize a streamlined project structure, gradually building an ad hoc team of professionals suited to the requirements of each particular project brief. We bring skills and professionalism together. We can devise scalable, modular solutions, like the general contractor in construction and infrastructure projects.
Since its foundation in 2001 Konsulta has consistently applied this philosophy, putting its experience and flexibility at the service of scores of clients: from small, regional companies who are eager to expand to global corporations seeking to maintain their market dominance.

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